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Microservices made easy

Welcome to Inkstand

Inkstand is a lightweight microservice container for easing the creation of standalone REST services. It natively supports CDI 1.1 and Jax-RS so that services written for Inkstand and completely portable to any Java EE compliant Application Server. It's intended to be a standards-conforming integrative framework supporting multiple alternative implementation to the same standard APIs. So the technology stack you use is completely up to you.



Inkstand is based on the idea of John Ament (Announcing Hammock), putting an Undertow WebServer and RESTeasy in a Weld CDI container. Inkstand has been almost entirely been rewritten and extended with support for configuration, auto-discovery and some more.


For a comprehensive documentation, including examples, see our Wiki

Issue Tracking

For reporting a bug or see what's going on, see our Jira Task Board


We're always welcoming contributions of any kind (code, examples, documentation, comments), just have a look into Jira and see what's planned. And of course, new ideas are always welcome! Sign-up for Wiki or Jira is completely free.